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Drain Unblocking

Auckland’s Professional Drainage Service

Drain Unblocking Solutions

Blocked drains need immediate clearing to avoid flooding that can cause serious structural damage. A thorough inspection, either manual or with the use of a specialised camera, is necessary to locate and remove the blockage. 

Drain Patrol is on call to provide you with Auckland’s expert drain/sewer clearing and unblocking service. Whether your drains are backing up or your bathroom is flooding, we offer efficient, experienced and long-term solutions at great rates. Give us a call and we will discuss in detail how we can resolve your Auckland plumbing problems. 

20 years of Experience

At Drain Patrol, we’ve built our business on 20 years of hands-on experience in fixing blocked drains in Auckland. Whether inside or outside, shower or kitchen, industrial or residential, flooding or backing up, Auckland’s own Drain Patrol is on call 7 days a week to provide the expertise and efficiency to solve your drain issues.
Blocked drains can cause a whole raft of nasty problems, from foul odors to damaging floods, and need clearing fast to minimize damage. Our complete service utilizes up-to-date technology and industry tool sets and is able to guarantee that once we’ve performed our qualified inspection, action, and prevention service your drains will be clear and odorless, and stay that way.
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Professional Results

Based on a record of professional results and solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial drain blockages, Drain Patrol prides itself on providing an elite local service for Auckland and the surrounding areas. We don’t just fix the problem, we use effective strategies to prevent it from re-occurring. We formulate solutions to help you enjoy life without worrying about damaging kitchen or bathroom floods and foul odours caused by blocked drains. We provide emergency drain unblocking service, as well.

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