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You cannot tell when your drains will be blocked or how fast a blockage can form in your pipes. You will only know there is a problem when water starts to back up. What if your plumbing emergency occurs during after hours? While there is a range of DIY techniques that you can try, nothing can beat the quality of a professional emergency drain unblocking service.

Drain Patrol Ltd's emergency call out service is Auckland’s fastest and most efficient route to resolving your drain issue. As a professional with two decades experience in the drainage business, I pride myself on providing a consistently high level of trade service. I will respond to your immediate needs as soon as I receive your call or request. 

Dumping food particles and other debris down the drain is the main cause of blockage. Over time, these scraps accumulate in the pipes and start blocking the flow of water. As drainage pipes are usually hidden, you will not know there is a blockage until your sink starts to flood. It is time to call for professional drain unblocking services.

Emergency Services - 20 Years in the Business

Drain Patrol Ltd has been in the drain unblocking industry for 20 years. Our extensive experience allows us to provide effective solutions and lasting results. We focus on resolving the problem fast so you can resume your normal activities immediately. Apart from emergency drain unblocking, we offer the following services:

Using bore scope technology and specialist tools, Drain Patrol doesn’t just unblock your drain but targets the root of the blockage to prevent an expensive sequel. For lightning fast blocked drains solutions, call on Drain Patrol Ltd. I will be there when you need me, to minimise damage and to clean up any mess.

Call 027 493 8792 today to request an emergency drain unblocking service from Drain Patrol Ltd.

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